Friday, February 12, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

Too bad the Winter Olympics were not held in Baltimore this year. Who would have thought this would be the view out my back window on the day of the opening ceremonies?

Confession:I am a total Winter Olympic dork. Have been since I fell in love with Jean Claude Killy during the Sapporo games way back in 1972. I can't remember my phone number (true) but I can still sing Victory is Peace, John Denver's theme song written for the opening event.

Over on Twitter, I have been counting down the minutes since Torino and gee whiz does time fly. I can't believe it has been 4 years since I last bawled my way through those opening and closing ceremonies. Years ago I promised myself and Daughter that if the games EVER came to US or Canadian soil we would be there. Did we make Salt Lake? Uh, no. Are we going the Vancouver? Nope. Life got in the way of our dreams, I'm afraid. She grew up and I, well...grew old.

If I were there I would be wearing my handspun red Vancouver 2010 mittens and cheering on EVERYBODY from EVERYWHERE. AND if I were in charge of the world, all the parents of all the athletes would also be required to get up on that podium to receive their own medals. As a former figure skating/hockey mom I know just how hard it must be to get your kid to the level that causes a grown women that doesn't even know you to cry with joy over the success of YOUR kid. Good luck everyone. I'll be watching.

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