Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stash Control Part 1

Since I have been seriously snowed in since Friday afternoon, I have turned my attention to tidying up around here and making sense of my stash storage. Daughter left me this nifty cabinet after her latest move and I have been totally flipping out over how to arrange the contents so they can be more accessible. I am so sick and tired of moving a ton of other boxes because whatever I am looking for is always in the one on the bottom. I am in dire need a storage makeover. The big plastic bin thing is just not working for me anymore.

Walking through Ikea, I spotted these storage hangers that kid's use for toys. As soon as I get a moment when HE is not home, I am going to try to hang them in the cabinet and stuff them with yarn and wool.

I know the real solution would be to stop buying so much stuff but that just seems to be beyond my control at the moment. My cure for a hoo-hum job and a 2 hour commute is to have something really great waiting in the mailbox when I get home. Until the day comes when I have time to really USE all this stuff, this small bit of happiness will have to do.

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