Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stash Control Part 2

The Mister made it to work for a full day yesterday so the conditions were ideal for some serious cleaning up around here.
First I tackled the cabinet and discovered that those Ikea storage things worked out better than I expected. I could cram in plenty of little bags of wool. The only bad thing is that I still have room left for more stuff now and I am tempted. Very tempted. I could actually add another whole storage unit in there so I've been doing some late night trolling over on Etsy for something pretty to make me happy. Sad, but true.

The stash room also needed an overhaul so I decided to give it a rearranging too. I also inherited another shelf from the move of #2 son, so after clearing some space and shifting a few things here and there, I found myself with an actual workspace.

I love it. I can actually walk through the room now. Quilting things are on the quilting shelf. Cross stitch things are on the cross stitch shelf, but wool....well, that's still everywhere.

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