Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympic Knitting Update

My attempt at re-creating the Team USA moose hat has been less than a gold medal performance. After 3 false starts I finally got a brim done but now I can't get the silly moose to line up using the chart. I am going to have to go back and figure out what I have done wrong-when I calm down. Right now I am at my limit of patience for something that was supposed to be my "easy" project.

Thanks to an entire week of 2 hour delays, Lillehammer has managed to get back to where I started before I noticed the big boo boo. My official "unofficial" Olympic knitalong is about as far as it is going to get before the closing ceremonies. Tomorrow it is back to business as usual which means I'll be too tired to do anything but man the remote control in the evenings. I envy anyone who doesn't have to be at work until nine. Getting up at seven and having the time to calmly get yourself ready for the day is nice, very nice.

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