Saturday, February 13, 2010

Going Batty

Stuck in the house with all this snow is making me go a little crazy. As an antidote to the winter blues, I dug out those seven little batts of mystery wool I had so much fun dyeing and carding last summer to make a pair of sparkly socks. I don't have much of a plan but I just may see if I can get two socks that match for a change. Maybe. That's a lot of thinking and I think my brain cells are in hibernation. Even worse, on Tuesday the real world will come crashing back down when I return to work. I think am going to drag the spinning wheel in front of the TV, turn on the Olympics and hope for another blizzard to keep me snowed in until the closing ceremony. Now that I think about it, a little cabin fever is not such a terrible thing after all.

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