Monday, March 1, 2010

Gold Medal Moments

Even though I had to live through the heartbreak of the USA/Canada hockey match, I have to admit it was a great 2 weeks. Lots of excuses to sit in the PJ's, knit and watch TV. I don't usually fill my blog with pictures of me but today I wanted to show everyone that before I became an old knitting granny I had won a few gold medals of my own.

Cue the theme to the Dick Van Dyke Show: Da da da, Da da da, Da da da da da da da. That's me, a few years back, going for a scratch spin in a production number during the spring show at the rink.

Then there were the competitive years when beating 10 year olds was sweet. Win or lose, those were the days.


  1. I thought you said you'd never put your face on your blog?

  2. That is not MY face. That is my very much younger, full of stage makeup, not recognizable anymore face! LOL.