Friday, March 12, 2010

Say it Ain't So

Now that I am almost up to the top of the charted pattern, I took the time to read ahead. Much to my horror I discovered this is NOT a steeked sweater but rather a-divide-and-finish-the-neck-by-knitting-BACK and FORTH sweater. Seriously? I can't manage two colors ON A PURL SIDE. No frickin' way. That fancy four color yoke is knitted as separate pieces and so are the sleeves. Now I know I could probably adjust this pattern so I can cut out and pick up the sleeves and neck. Probably. But I am not so sure I am brave enough to give it a go after all this work. In the meantime it's being put in timeout for bad behavior. I'll tackle this dilemma at a later date.


  1. This might be a good time to look into learning how to knit backwards. I love it for colorwork and entrelac and it's not as hard as it sounds! I took a colorwork class (Fair Isle and Intarsia) at my LYS and we covered knitting/purling backwards for an hour. That plus a few hours of practice at home and I pretty much had the hang of it. I'm still not as fast as knitting in my regular style, but it's a lot better than working the back side of a complicated pattern!!