Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Major Award

I never win anything. So when the Shiver Scarf kit that I won arrived from Knit Picks I was more than happy. As you can see, I decided on going with the original colorway. I was tempted to switch off to grays and reds as moss green and purple don't make me think of snowflakes but I just really like the way those colors work together in this design. I am also happy to get the chance to work with something other than Knit Picks sock or lace yarn. In fact, I just went and ordered some Wool of the Andes this morning just to find out what some of their other heavier weights feel like.

Even though winter has had its last gasp around here I am still looking forward to getting this scarf on the needles but since I am just coming off my Olympic knitting high, this week has not been a very productive one. My main goal was to catch up on sleep and Lost episodes and with spring break right around the corner there will be plenty of time to get things going again in Knitville.

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