Friday, January 16, 2009

Stupid Me

I am not new to lace knitting but I am new to life lines. My first experience with them was on the 20 something stitch edging on my pi shawl. They were a miracle, saving me from lots of hair pulling and stomach churning. When I began this large wrap project I used them faithfully, knitting across the whole gigantic row and then leaving them in for peace of mind. I put them in every 6 rows as this is a complicated 28 row pattern repeat. This morning it dawned on me that these long threads might not come out so easily so I gave one a tug. Nothing moved. Worse, I could hardly see where they were although they were bunching up my millions of knitted stitches. Slowly and carefully with a pair of tweezers and some sharp tipped scissors, I cut out all those miserable threads leaving only the last needed one in. New Rule: Snip and pick before I knit.

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