Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The In Crowd

There are some things that every knitter in the know must eventually make:

Booga Bag-so over it
February Ladies Sweater-have one
Wonderful Wallaby-got it
Dumpling Bag-check
Clapotis-ummm....sorry, ain't going there and I don't care if there are 9424 of them out there, I just don't want one-yet.

Here is my newest trendy WIP. Ta dah...The Central Park Hoodie. 2127 of them are finished or in progress. It comes in right under the FLS in popularity. I used to choose my projects because they were things I wanted to knit but now I have to admit that I troll the pattern popularity pages to see what all the other Ravelmaniacs are doing before I commit to a project. I never realized what a total groupie I am. I wish I had known in the 70's. I would have better stories to tell.

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