Saturday, January 31, 2009

Big Boo Boo

Taking advantage of a furloughed day, (yes PGC Public Schools, I dared to say furlough: giving me 3 days "off" in place of my yearly $100 a month step increase is actually worse than being furloughed, so don't call it anything else you lying bastards) I picked up my Central Park Hoodie and look at what I found. A cable where there is not supposed to be a cable. In the realm of knitting boo boos this one is a rather scary. I can't think of a thing to blame this on. I also owe #2 son an apology for getting huffy when he sent me some health links this week on preventing dementia. It seems that drinking apple juice keeps the brain working. I'm getting some.

PS: To President Obama (just in case you read knitting blogs): We are not sissys here in the Wash DC area for closing schools when it snows. You just don't get it. We don't do it out of fear but out of celebration. You people up north get lots of snow. We get a sprinkle every few years so let us stay home and enjoy it for goodness sake. By the time school is out, the snow is usually gone!

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