Sunday, January 4, 2009

Going Green?

Every store you go in now has its own green version of the plastic bag. At 99 cents they are a real bargain. They appeal to my hippy-dippy, granola-eating self so I have managed to end up with quite a collection-almost a landfills worth. Daughter warns that if I don't stop I will be responsible for destroying the planet. The photo only shows the ones waiting patiently in my living room-not the GIANT IKEA ones that live in my car OR the twins (or triplets) of the ones you see here OR the ones that were holiday themed which are now packed away until next year OR the ones that now hold stash. Although I have good intentions, my contribution to the next big global disaster goes like this: Take bags to the store, forget them and leave them in the car, see the ones at the register, buy them. Repeat.

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