Thursday, January 22, 2009

Elective Surgery

My Hedgerow Coat has been a constant source of irritation. I finally get a winter cold enough to actually wear some of my handmade woolies and this thing has turned out to be a real UGH. First I hated the floppy collar so I frogged it and reknit it. Now it is those awful cuffs that have to go. The ribbing is so long that when rolled up they almost reached my elbow. I was not about to remove both sleeves and reknit them from the shoulder down. Encouraged with my recent sock rescue I took some scissors and just snipped them off. I rolled up a small hem and using a running stitch from the front tacked it down and them whipped stitched it from the inside to secure any loose stitches. Not a perfect solution by any means but certainly better than those floppy cuffs that were so not me. The next step is to order some dye to tone down that bright red wool. Nobody over the age of four should be walking around in something that big and that red.

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