Monday, January 12, 2009

Battle Plans

My war with Mothra is far from over. I was willing to concede a sock or two but last night while plying some lovely green singles on my wheel I was attacked by none other than the cursed beast herself and several of her minions. It seems that my wheel and the area around it has not only been gathering dust over the holidays but has become ground zero for the evil winged things. Off to Walmart this morning to fill a cart full of more plastic things.
Things that hinge, things that snap, things that zip.
Even plastic things on rollers.
Central Park Hoodie got a very nice blue plastic carrying case.
I spent the afternoon washing baskets and gift wrapping all my wooly things in plastic with a paper covered moth ball packet for extra insurance. It's my own fault for tempting the little critters by leaving all my pretty leftovers from spinning out in baskets to admire. Those damn moths have been admiring the hell out of all my hard work.

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