Saturday, January 3, 2009

At Loose Ends

Since I am still on vacation until the 5th, I have found lots of time to have fun with the new loom. This is my first attempt at using different colors to warp the thing and I really like the results. Now that I have figured out the mechanics of it all, my imagination is going wild with all the color combinations my stash has to offer. I am happy that this weaving thing that I am going through is still happening in spite of the fact that I was slightly traumatized recently when my poor little brown guy scarf was RETURNED because the blankety blank guy in question DIDN'T LIKE IT. Yes. I said it was GIVEN BACK. New rule for 2009: Only make things for people who ask for things. Wait a minute. Now that I think about it-that SOB asked me for that scarf. I should have strangled him with it. Men.

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