Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008: My Year in Review

It seems I have been pretty darn busy this year:
One dumpling bag, two hats, three sweaters, four shawls, five pair of socks, six washcloths and a partridge in a pair tree.
Just kidding.

The thing I get the most use out of: My black woven scarf-lightweight but warm
The thing I wasted my time making: The Trinity Stitch Beret-way too big
The most expensive project: February Lady Sweater-bought twice the amount of yarn needed
The thing I am most proud of: Pi Shawl-an exercise in patience
Something I am already making another one of: Prayer shawl-good for snuggling
The most fun to knit: Tie between the sock blanks on a long circ and the Dumpling Bag-both addicting, must make more
Hated every stitch but finished anyway: Olympic mittens-I hate deadlines and Lopi in the summer
Can't wait to start: Central Park Hoodie-I want one, too!

Happy New Year!

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