Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tour de Fleece Update

 In spite of all my stops and starts, there has been some progress in this year's spinning projects. The first Shetland bobbin is pretty much done.

 The first Merino bobbin has been slow going. The Ladybug bobbins hold a lot of singles so I'll be at this forever. The plus side is that I will have a nice big skein when it's all said and done.

The best news of all is that the first two Gulf Coast batts are finished and ready for plying.

In my defense, it has been slow going because although I washed a ton of locks, I still have to prepare those locks for spinning everyday.

Trying to get enough locks ready to make sitting and spinning worthwhile takes up a lot of my time. If I do this again next year, preparing the locks will happen as the same time as washing. I need a big head start.

The Merino locks are especially tedious.

 Turning them into little nests was not fun.

Starting today I am going to see if I can just spin them from the lock like I do the Shetland. That would make things a whole lot easier.


  1. What is the advantage of spinning from the lock? You are producing some beautiful singles! That Gulf Coast is sweet!

    1. The main advantage is that through the entire washing and spinning process your fiber stays lined up making a smooth single. I do it mostly because I am lazy and it is easier to wash and sort out on a smaller scale. I don't have to drag out a lot of equipment. Just one hand carder.

  2. Those locks look so pretty in their box!

  3. Look at all that lovely spinning and fibers. The color of the Gulf Coast is stunning. Love it!