Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Still Adrift in the Gulf

 All that Gulf Coast fiber dried nice and fluffy. My new washing technique worked like a charm. It's still pretty awful fiber as I was down to the really yucky part of the fleece but it's still fun to play with.

 I spent a happy hour or so picking it while watching the Tour. I've learned less is more when prepping fleece for the carder. I spent lots of bucks on all kinds of tools but my hands work best.

It's hard to tell but this is a grocery bag of picked through fluff ready to card.

 It's a quick and easy carding job once it's in the fluff stage.

 I had three more batts in no time....

...but it didn't solve my dilemma as the new batts don't come close to matching the old batts colors. I'm thinking I'm going to just tear into them all and just spin them as random stripes. I think. That's what I get for not ever thinking too far ahead.


  1. I have finger fluffing before carding is the best tool also! I like all the colors-they all go well with each other so stripe away!

  2. PS-can I ask where you purchased your Gulf Coast Fleece?

    1. I bought it from someone off Ebay a few years ago. Silly me didn't keep the info on it but they do have a few vendors on Etsy who are selling it.

  3. I think they would be lovely together…all of them. Really

  4. Lovely colors. Random stripes would be fun to knit.