Sunday, July 6, 2014

TdF 2014: A Stage One Prologue

There is spinning going on but what's going on with the washing is more interesting right now. The Merino fleece is down to the nitty gritty. The good locks are all gone and what I have left is full of crud.

 I have devised a method to get those nasty locks clean by hanging them over a pan of very hot water and letting those dirty ends soak.

 After soaking a few minutes, the fun part begins. Holding the cut end tightly, I dip them up and down loosening all the icky stuff and letting it fall out into the water. I really enjoy doing this. I know that's weird but I really like swishing them up and down and watching them puff up and get clean. They remind me of jellyfish and I find that rather amusing. Maybe I should be worried about that.

 Afterwards, they still get their regular dunk and scrub.

 Those really, really dirty locks are now pretty clean. The rest of the VM will fall out with combing.

 None of my spinning projects are really very interesting this year.

 I already regret not picking a more colorful project but I do love the natural color of this Shetland. It would have been a crime for me to tamper with it.

There is the blue Merino but since this is the second year for it, I'm a little tired of it already.

For weeks now I've been getting those locks ready to spin.

I've got a box full of little blue nests waiting to be yarn. Now I just hope I have enough fleece left to get a project's worth.


  1. Working with fiber is a good day! The merino locks are long compared to the merino I've worked with. I like your washing station! Fiber weird is a good weird!

  2. Looks like fun and a lot of work. I'm looking forward to seeing how each on spins.

  3. I love the natural colours of the sheep - and they go with just about everything!