Thursday, July 3, 2014

Independence Day

 I managed to squeak three towels out of that white warp.

 The last one was a stretch, literally. Look at what's happening to that rod. I couldn't get it to give anymore or it might snap.

 At the bitter end, threads were snapping all over the place. I had everything I could find weighting them down.

 The reason for all the trouble was the orange cloth. It wasn't meant to be but I wanted to push the limits of the warp. I certainly did.

I can never remember how to end it all, so here it is. All I did was to weave another  few rows of plain weave so I could secure the warp and then use it as guide to cut it off the loom. It's such a simple concept  but I spent hours trying to figure this out.

 Speaking of cutting here goes. I hate doing this. It makes me so nervous.

 Now the three towels are separated from the loom but not from each other.

They are still joined by the warp.

 Like steeking, they have to be secured first with a zig zag stitch before cutting.

 After that it's short work to separate them

 Free at last....

...but not done. They have to have their ends woven in and then be hemmed and washed. That's for another day. Now it's time for a gin and tonic to steady my nerves. Cutting up nine months worth of work takes a toll.


  1. You get more done than anyone else I know!

  2. They look great, well done. It's so nerve-wracking isn't it, when given the chance to potentially destroy so much work!

  3. Ta-Da! Just a great job accomplished! They will make you smile every time you use them!

  4. times 2. Gin and tonic
    gin and tonic

    You are amazing with all your fiber arts

  5. These are very pretty. They make me want a loom . . . but I know that's not wise! (smile)

  6. 2 months later, I now have a loom. It really wasn't wise . . .