Wednesday, July 2, 2014

One and Done

 Just as the final minutes of Team USA's run for the World Cup came to an end, so did the Pleated Kerchief.

 I began and finished the entire ruffle during the match. Mercifully, it kept my mind off the game.

 With minutes left to go, I had it bound off but like the game, I was not happy with the final results.

I know it is supposed to only be a kerchief but it's pretty darn tiny. I should have added a few more inches in width but I was afraid of running out of yarn.I would have never been able to match this crazy stuff.

 I liked the pattern. It was easy and fast after I got over the fiddlyness of the linen stitch. I may try this again someday with better yarn. That particular handspun was pretty wonky-soft but wonky.


  1. Yay , for your winner! Blocking Will work wonders! Very pretty.

  2. Cute. I love how linen stitch looks - but it definitely takes some getting use to

  3. Well well well, I LOVE how it turned out. So cute with a blue jean shirt! instead of a soccer ball