Thursday, July 17, 2014

TdF Spindle Update

 I've also got several drop spindle projects going this year. By accident, I have the same project on the Russian spindle that I was working on last year.

 I only use this spindle during the Tour so when I dug it out, it still had some fiber on it and for some odd reason I thought it was something new. It turns out it was the leftovers from last year's TdF skein and here's the ball to prove it. That's just crazy. I can't believe I did that but I might as well keep going with it at this point because you can't ever have enough Mahogany Polwarth, right?

 My favorite project is this rainbow Cormo.

 I've been working on this bag of ratty locks for five years now and I'm still not at the end of them. I dyed them with Easter egg dye way back when.

 It's a bit of a chore to prepare the sticky locks for spinning as I washed these the old fashion way in a lump. The ones I washed recently, one at a time, are so clean and easy to open that I really want to get more Cormo now and try it all again. It really is the most lovely, soft fiber when prepared correctly.

 I'm also putting some mileage on the fiber I started at this year's MDSW. I'm getting a jump start on the yarn for next year's shawl. I'll be looking for a pattern in February so there is no rush with this one.

 As a bonus, here is the scruffy pup sound asleep. While I was taking the photos for this post, she crawled up on the window ledge and took a rare daytime nap. Now if I could only get her to sleep while I was spinning, I would have a lot more to show off.


  1. Beautiful photos...I love the Russian support spindle. I never have leftovers on bobbins/spindles cuz I always ply on itself to use it up! The rainbow Cormo is dreamy! Nice work!

  2. each and every puppy post reminds me I don't have the patience right now for a pup

  3. So many pretty colors in this post. And look at that sweet little puppy face. I haven't touched my spindle during the TdF and not too sure there will be time. Maybe.