Friday, July 25, 2014

Running Out of Road

 The announcers on the Tour de France said that the riders are "running out of road". So am I. I've been frantic all week because it looks like I won't have much to show off on Sunday when it's all said and done.

 I did get some plying done yesterday. I took that bobbin of neon green and wound it on the winder and them plied from both ends to use it up. It's always risky with a ball that big but this time it worked like a charm.

 Now I have a lime skein to go with the turquoise. Nice.

 I also washed the last of the Gulf Coast and dyed it navy. I used a new method. I plopped it into a big baggy and sat it up in some Rubbermaid then gave it a few spins in the microwave.

 Perfect. Not a speck of dye left in the water.

 In this humidity it's not drying fast enough. I don't have time to wait, I need that dry now.

 Back inside I've been tearing up the batts into strips.

 I'm going to randomly spin them into one bobbin of singles for some crazy stripes.

I'm going across the five hooks and then switching colors. This should give me some big color repeats but more importantly it's going to give me something fun to do for the remainder of the Tour. Everything else has become a big yawn.


  1. Great dyeing idea! I will try it! The new spinning plan sounds perfect! Have fun as we push to the finish line!

  2. We are readying for the finish and the end of this years Tour. ?sp Napoli is going so well we suspect steroids already!
    YOU have gotten so much done this july!! IMpressive