Monday, July 7, 2014

TdF: The Spin Begins

Day One was a rough ride seeing that the night before was the 4th of July. We had family over all day and then I stayed up late watching the Independence Day marathon on Encore. Like the leftover macaroni salad in the fridge, I can't resist watching Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum kick serious alien butt. It's become a tradition.

I had also stayed up late putting my workspace back together. When people visit, it goes. There is nothing there that baby fingers should get into.

 As soon as I got comfortable in front of the wheel, The Mister decided it was time to clean those sky lights I had asked him to clean weeks ago. Grrrr......He was planted right in the middle of my space.

This year's projects were lacking in color so I pulled out this old collection of Gulf Coast batts as the project for wheel number three.

 It's off to a good start. It's lumpy and bumpy to work with but I'll figure it out.

 The Shetland was a dream to spin. I want to find that sheep and kiss it. Yes, I mean you Mr. Winston. Pucker up, baby.

That blue Merino is too deja vu for me to get excited about but it's coming along.

 As soon as the Tour went off for the day, the World Cup began. I pulled out all the spindle works in progress for the game. That's turquoise Merino, rainbow Cormo and maroon Polwarth up there. The Polwarth and the Cormo are left over from last year's Tour.

 Last but not least I dug out this very old project. I cranked out this batt years ago and spun like crazy until I was tired of it and put it away. Now I've got 21 days to sort it out. I think this is one project I may be able to finish.

The hardest part of all was resisting the call of the former handspuns that want to be put on the needles. I am still determined not to have any new knitting to distract me from other things that need finishing first. I've got only eight more hexagons to put on the afghan and then one of these babies will be something. Or other. Vive la France!


  1. all i do is knit to sports. .YOu are amazing.
    The skylights look so lovely with all that wood! Im jealous

  2. Oh - Dave just loves to tackle projects in my crafting space too!

    Looks like you've got lots to keep you busy through the tour

  3. I love seeing all your hand spindles! It's hard to find spinning I by time with a house full,you did well! Nice colors!

  4. Glad to know I wasn't the only one staying up late watching Jeff and Will ...

    Your spinning looks good!

    I'm not a TDF kinda gal, but definitely World Cup.

  5. All that beautiful fiber and yarn. Looks like you're have a good TdF.

  6. I always enjoy reading your spinning-weaving posts. Give me a lot of inspiration.
    Being new to spinning on a wheel myself have a lot of difficultes learning. I dare to ask a question as I couldn't find an answer anywhere. How do one joins a broken single when it breaks from the spool. I know that the problem is not enough twist, but what to do when it happens?
    Have success in TdF!

    1. Whenever you have to repair a broken single anywhere in the spinning process, you have to make sure to fan out both ends you want to join. That is not so easy with thin singles. You may have to look back for a thick section and break it there. The ends have to be made fuzzy again either by combing or scraping with your nails. When you are ready to rejoin, put lots of twist into the single before you add the broken section. If it still doesn't hold well, roll the join between your fingers to mash it together even more. Hope this helps!

    2. I should also mention that if the single breaks after the spinning process, I just leave it until it's time to ply. Fixing it then is easier since there is twist involved again.

    3. Thank you for the tip. It's much better now. Adding more twist helps too.