Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Little Luna

I bought myself a present. A big present-and it has nothing to do with fiber or yarn.

It came in a very big box stuffed with a lot of paper.

Way down in the bottom was a smaller box.

Now you can tell what it is.

 It's my new guitar.

It still looks like a mummy even after the case is open.

Isn't she pretty? I bet you're wondering why I never said anything about playing the guitar. It's because I don't. I took lessons when I was a teen and then tried again about 15 years ago without much luck.

I had bought a used guitar off ebay for about $30. It was so smelly and moldy I had to throw the case out. It took months to air the guitar out.

It turned out that the old nasty guitar was actually a very good quality classical guitar made in Spain. Now that it is aired out and clean I love it but......

...learning on it has been difficult. My hands are too small to get where they need to go.

Luna guitars are made for little hands. Look at the difference.

She is so pretty. I am so happy The Mister talked me into the fancy one.

If you are wondering what sparked this sudden re-interest in stringed things look here. It seems knitters and ukeleles go hand in hand. Everyone has one these days.  I thought about getting a uke but fell in complete love with the whole Luna Guitar thing when I visited their site. I'll probably never be able to really play but now it's going to be more fun trying.


  1. Ooh, that is very pretty. I definitely empathise with the small hands thing - something I've struggled with for years with playing the guitar. Last year we bought a new one and, while still a normal size, it's different enough that playing it doesn't feel impossible! Enjoy your luna.

  2. Both of those guitars are beautiful. Have fun with that.

  3. Oh, she is beautiful; here's to much terrific music together!

  4. That is a gorgeous guitar! And I bet you'll find that the size makes all the difference. Dave is a guitar teacher and he often has students come in with hand-me-down guitars that are too big for them - as soon as he sets them up with the right size, they are off to the races!

  5. Luna is lovely. What a pretty design!

  6. Beautiful guitar etching ! LOVE It

  7. Your new guitar looks awesome! I agree that although nylon stringed guitars are light on the fingers, the fret boards are too wide. Stretching your fingers could be really difficult and painful. Your new Luna guitar is a lot better in terms of frets; they are relatively narrower, which makes the chords easier to position. Thanks for sharing your musical persona with us. Have a great day!

    Dorothy Payne @ RainbowMusic