Friday, July 18, 2014

Just One More

 I have another drop spindle project but I'm not sure where I am going with it. I've used up all the batt I had carded but now I can't find anymore of that fiber to ply it with.

 I went looking for it in everyplace I have stashed fiber. I found these abandoned projects but no match.

 It wasn't in the bags for fuzz I usually use for blending.

 It wasn't in the bin of leftovers from Tours past.

 Nope, not in the closet.

 Not in the basket where I keep the fiber I am currently spinning.

 It wasn't even on the stash shelf where I keep the pretty stuff.

No luck anywhere. What I did find was my big bin of handspun and it made me sad to see it all unused especially since I am hard at work making lots more. I need to come up with a plan to use it. I need a stash buster of a project and I need it now. I am thinking of this one. It's a giant knit in the round blanket that will empty that bin mighty quick.


  1. Yes yes yes. Make THAT blanket. Ive added it to my SOMEDAY queue

  2. I love the idea of a memory blanket made with your beautiful handspun. :-)

  3. Hmm, I enjoyed seeing all that fiber candy! Ply it back on itself and have a pretty yarn!

  4. Ha - I was just teasing Mom about how many bins of fibre she has - but I think you've got her beat!
    I love that blanket - i think it's the perfect project!