Friday, July 11, 2014

Kit Crazy

The Wolf Pup loom is empty and it makes me sad. I looked online for days trying to figure out my next project but I kept getting confused. Picking out weaving materials isn't as easy as picking out yarn.

 Then I discovered that Cotton Clouds has a kit of the month club for dish towels.

 Every other month for a year, I'll get the materials to make two towels from Handwoven's Winning Towels ebook.

 The best part, other than the candy that they always add to the order, is that shipping is free. Weaving yarn is heavy and expensive to ship so this is a great deal.

My KISS towels are all hemmed up now and in regular use. They only get better and better after every washing. They are far from perfect but as long as I can wipe my hands on them, I'm calling them a win.

I also am starting to have a wee bit of a weaving stash happening which means that one day after a little more practice, I'll be able to design something of my very own. Now isn't that exciting?


  1. Yes, it is exciting! It will be a great way to encourage yourself to weave some every day! Just lovely!

  2. I am very jealous of your towels - I long for a decent, absorbent dishtowel, but the good ones in the stores are all out of my price range so I'm stuck with crappy dollar store ones for now... one day!

  3. Love the blues and yellow together. I've always wanted to learn to weave. No new hobbies for me. :-)

  4. GOod for you!!! IM so glad your cloths get better an softer with each day!