Tuesday, July 8, 2014

TdF: First Finish

One partial bobbin doesn't really count as much of a finish but it's all that's going on this bobbin because I only have two batts of each color of Gulf Coast and I am plying them together. This is one batt's worth so I am done with this bobbin for now. Got that? I finished it yesterday during the Tour's last day in London. I have to say I am going to miss all the drama from the massive crowds all trying to take selfies. It was almost as good as the combination of French people and their dogs.

 This is actually what it looks like without the color distortion from the TV. It's a really nice turquoise so I have a hard time believing that I was the one that dyed it. These are very lumpy bumpy batts so they haven't exactly been easy to spin. When I am done I will have lots of mini skeins in lots of colors of blue and green. What I am going to do with them I don't know. That's a worry for another day.


  1. My favorite color combo going on here! I want to spin some Gulf Coast wool-good history about that breed. Nice work! (I love how it matches the tv color in the first picture!)

  2. aww that is a fantastic color. I think everyone loves it. good with gold, good with brown, and it stands alone fine too

  3. I've enjoyed watching the first three stages. Missed today, just too much going on. Love that turquoise.