Monday, July 28, 2014

Post World Cup Selfies

My World Cup project is done but I was too busy with the TdF to get it blocked. Sadly, even after the re-do, my ruffles are still dud spuds. It is still too floppy to pleat. I even pinned all of them up during blocking to try to convince them to show some definition.

 That's just pitiful.

I am happy with the new improved size but the official mugshot left much to be desired. It's a rather ratty looking thing, I'm afraid.

 I spent an hour in the bathroom trying to show how it fits.

 Either I looked presentable or the scarf did.

I gave up and just got silly. What else are you going to do when knitting attacks? This certainly turned out to be an ugh...


  1. Ha,I love the philosophy of laugh at adversity, too! Save it for Fall; maybe it will look better with just the right long sleeved shirt....

  2. Well I simply LOVE it. It will look amazing with a denim shirt. ANd you look lovely

  3. I love it! I think it's just waiting to show off in the fall weather.