Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Joke's on Me

I thought I was so clever whining about the hard times I thought I had been having with Daddio in yesterday's post. Little did I know then that things were going to get even crazier.

At that time I was talking about how much of an issue it has been to get the old guy a hospital bed for the house. His mobility is limited so we needed some help getting him up and down. I fought for two weeks with doctors and Medicare to get it all taken care of only to have him tell me that he hated it. That's after I had turned the house upside to make room for it. I was not amused.

Then, yesterday morning when I went to to pick him up for his swim therapy at the pool, I found him stuck in the bed (not the new hospital bed, but another one) with a dislocated hip. All from bending over to put on his socks-just like he is doing in the photo I took of him in the new bed last week. He has two artificial hips so bending over is a no no. He never uses his little sock gadget or waits for help to arrive so he is always an accident waiting to happen. Once again he took a ride in an ambulance and once again I spent the day in the hospital staring at all the beeping machines. Only this time I never touched the knitting I brought along because my brain just wouldn't let me. I wish I could say that all this was an April Fool's joke but I'm not laughing-except for the part where he had to spend the day in the hospital wearing only his bathing suit and socks. That was kind of funny.


  1. bwaaaaaah no more troubles for you two for awhile!

  2. I'm so sorry this has happened. I hope your dad is better soon. Take care of yourself too.

  3. Poor you! Poor Daddio! I feel your pain - I too love a parent who's too darn stubborn for their own good!

  4. oh pooooooooo
    not fun not fun at all. hoping things settle down for you both.

  5. I was all, Oh No! until I got to the last line. That was pretty funny. Hope he's better super fast.