Saturday, April 26, 2014

Violets are Blue

 I love violets. Here they are considered a weed but I adore them. Daddio's yard is full of them. If he was able, he'd be out pulling them and spraying them. I never understood his attitude with the yard. I think he'd pave over it if he could.

 I get to spend a lot of time in his yard now with Pup and watching Mom's plants coming back to life is nice. He hacked her lilac to almost death but here it is, ready to bloom.

 Same thing with her hydrangia. He loves to cut things to the ground but they seem to find a way to live in spite of it. I don't think it will bloom this year though.

Her weigela got whacked too. He tried to kill it but it's coming back.

 Her itty-bitty mini hostas are still with us. I love those cute little things.

 The garden is a mess. I'm not going to do anything with it this year. I can't manage him and it.

What really broke my heart was the possible demise of my beloved fig tree. I don't think the giant of a thing made it through this hard winter.  There are no signs of life and I am very,very sad. No more fig jam or jelly? I can't even imagine how bad that's going to feel come fall.


  1. We love our fig tree , too! Sorry. Nice to see everything else coming up but I have to go and Google the weigala since I've never heard of that!

  2. oh poor figgy. you will have to get figs at the market. i look forward to your fig post every year. so happy your mom's plants are making a show!

  3. I love violets too. I had them at the old house, but none here. I should get some for the shady spots because they really do grow well!