Friday, April 4, 2014

Toil and Trouble

Daddio hates it when I spend too much time around his place because I am a notorious "pitcher" meaning I throw everything that's not nailed down into the trash without a blink. He doesn't know it because he can't get into the kitchen at the moment but I tossed all his slimy kitchen sponges away and replaced them with some knit dishcloths. After use, I always give them a good thwacking and then drape them over the soap bottle and they dry in a flash. That's got to be so much more sanitary than a yucky sponge, right?

Of course he needs a pile of them so I've been making them whenever I get a second during the day which is not very often.

A few rows here and a few rows there gets the job done-and is helping to keep me sane.


  1. Oh oh. Sorry to see Daddio's in trouble again. I haven't had a chance to do any blogging (reading or posting) in so long. I'm just now able to do some catching up on all the news. He's so lucky to have you there to keep him company and help him out. Hope things settle down for you soon. We could use for things to settle down a bit at our place too. ;-) This has been the worst winter for us ever. Just the sight of those dishcloths makes me happy knitting those things almost as much as socks!

  2. Ha, I'm a pitcher,too! (My husband is not!) That's how I get my knitting done-a stitch here and there really adds up! Hang in there!

  3. There's something about small garter projects that make them the perfect stress reliever

  4. THey really freshen up a kitchen! Fireman pitches too…
    we have a small house so we pitch often