Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Shift Work

Middle Sister and I have been splitting twelve hour shifts over at Daddio's this week in order to keep him in one piece until we can get his hip looked at. I've been doing the night shift and it's been giving me plenty of time to get caught up on some of our quilting projects.

This is a flannel disappearing nine patch kit from Connecting Threads.

It's soft and fluffy and has a really cute back side.

I just stitched it in the ditch and it was done in no time at all.

Daddio has been working his way down the long list of great grand children as recipients.

This one is going to the oldest of them all. His little brother is next on the list. All we are waiting for is to find some male themed charm squares that we like.

In the meantime we are keeping busy with yet another small quilt of the same design from the flowery Heather's Garden collection of fabrics. He says this is the one he wants to keep for himself but I'm betting he'll end up wanting to give it away too. He always does.


  1. Love the colors in the quilt.

  2. This is turning into quite a marathon, not a sprint at all.
    My Gram used to hand piece all of her quilts-she madethree for each of her 20 grandkids over her life-one for our birth, when we moved to a 'big' bed and one at our marriages! Each is still a treasure! So glad your Dad is making these-both for him and for the recipients!

  3. It turned out beautifully. I think this is my favourite one so far. Lucky great-grand kids!

  4. You are almost there…..I LOVE the quilt and its back. Shift work is the WORST

  5. what a cozy wonderful quilt. how sweet.

  6. Lovely quilt. Sorry that things are rough with your Daddio right now.