Monday, April 14, 2014

Another Big Six Oh!

 The Mister was complaining the other day that we have nothing in common anymore. It wasn't a serious concern, just a little man-whine at a partner who has been missing in action for days. Whenever I start to question our relationship, I just pull out one of the many boxes of photos we have in the hall closet. We actually have plenty in common and there's the proof.

 He's turning 60 today so all this reflection is natural. It's not a nice feeling to realize you have more behind you than you have before you. It's especially tough when you are knee deep in elder care. At the moment he's got a 94 year old mom to contend with and well, you all know about our ongoing trials with Daddio.

 As for The Mister and me, we've had thirty years of building things....

 ...acting like idiots....

 ...patching each other up.....

 ....and exploring the world together.
I'd like to say "best wishes" to the old fool and "here's to thirty more"-but who knows or even cares if we have thirty more. I'm ok with just taking the days one at a time.

 As long as we are still adding photos to the boxes-and we certainly are-we're all good.


  1. :D Happy Sixty!

  2. Good attitude! I tend not to 'think' about where we are in a relationship; I do what needs to be done today and let tomorrow get that day's full attention when it gets here. My husband can analyze tomorrow and totally miss today. We do fill each other's spaces that way.....
    Tell your DH happy birthday! He's adding to a great foundation!

  3. Happy Birthday to your OTHER half. Yes, here's to one day at a time. Here's to cake for that man of yours

  4. Thanks for sharing the post of great photos that look like a fabulous life of great experiences and good times together. You guys look like a lot of fun. Happy birthday to your Mister. Much happiness to you both.

  5. you two are so fun. that's what I see. you have had fun.
    here's to more fun and happy 60 to the young pup.