Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Broken Recod

 We are getting to be regulars in the emergency room.

In fact, after Daddio's third hip relocation on Friday night, Middle Sister and I were essentially told not to come back with him.

I am going to miss those vending machine dinners....

...and hours and hours of uninterrupted knitting time.

I do have a nice pile of dish cloths to show for these two weeks of hell.
Seriously though, there is nothing more that the orthopedic guys can do with old man's hip. The risk of fracture is now too great so we have to get him to a joint clinic in Mount Vernon, Virginia. The trick to that is to be able to get him there while the hip is in place because we can't move him any other way than by ambulance when it's out and the ambulances won't go there. Our clinic appointment is on Thursday. He's now strapped up to a big block of foam and we have to keep him completely immobile until then-at home. Mission impossible.


  1. Well that doesn't sound like any fun at all. Poor Daddio. My goodness I sure do hope they can do something for him on Thursday. That's just awful for all of you. I'm hoping it all gets better soon for you.

  2. I wish the drs could hear themselves....
    I hope your Dad gets some relief soon and then you will all feel better!

  3. Prayers abound for that hip and all of you!!! THursday better come quickly

  4. I'm wishing you guys a speedy Thursday with no complications.

  5. misery. praying for Daddio and his girls.

  6. Lots and lots and lots of good thoughts to you!