Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Quilting Bee

 Not only were Little Sister and I knitting, we were also helping Daddio out with his latest creation. We cleaned out his stash room and were determined to use up every scrap possible.

 We even decided to add some yo-yo's to the project. Little Sister made these beauties. They are way better than mine.

 We are plopping one in the middle of each pattern block. Cute, huh?

 I appliqued the pieces down.

 Sister cut strips for the border.

 Daddio cut the strips into squares.

 We are making some crazy sashing for the pattern blocks. This should be fun.

 Middle Sister's elderly Yorkie, who was also visiting, was not impressed with all the commotion or all the other pups in attendance but she did so enjoy taking a snooze on the fancy new hospital bed with the crazy air mattress.


  1. When life gives you scraps, make quilts!

  2. The blocks are exceptional! But the best pic is your dad's set for his work station!

  3. While this time may be stressful, you are definitely creating some nice memories here.