Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Good Friends

A skating/knitting buddy sent a surprise my way.

She doesn't read my blog so she hasn't a clue that I am the most miserable person on the planet right now. She swears we are soul sisters and I am starting to think she is right.

She couldn't have picked a better time to send me a yarny hug. Guess who had another trip to the ER yesterday.


  1. Just too cute! Wearing that shirt will give you the hug you need at just the right time, every time! Consider yourself thought of....

  2. What a great gift! That graphic is really too cute. Ugh, I'm sorry about the ER visit, I want you and your sister to have a margarita on me. I'm sending you a virtual yarny hug as well.

  3. Poor daddy o. IM so glad you got a surprise that you love. Praying for you both

  4. oh what a sweet hug from a true friend.
    is there any other hospital Daddio can go too? I hate that this is happening.