Saturday, April 5, 2014

Home! Sweet Home!

I've had very little time in my holy mess of a house this week. Thank goodness Daddio had the sense to have three girls because I wouldn't have survived much longer without the help of Little and Middle Sister.

I've got projects galore that need attention this weekend along with a filthy fish tank and a cruddy parrot cage.

Someone else is happy to have some big chunks of free time in the schedule this weekend. I know I am.


  1. So happy you get a bit of a respite from Caregiving. THe pup continues to be uber adorable

  2. So glad you have the weekend at home to regain your equilibrium and just sit if you want to. Dear Daddio is fortunate to have 3 loving daughters. Pup looks happy to be home too. BEst! Anne

  3. Glad you can share the care...there's no place like home!

  4. Glinda said it best... there's no place like home!