Monday, April 28, 2014

Winter's End

 The Selbu mittens I made for Little Sister are done and even though it's still rather chilly for almost May, I think it's finally safe to say that the wooly things need packing up.

 Pretty as they are, these are pretty light weight mittens.

They would never make it through a winter like the one we just had. Let's hope they won't have to.

 As much as I am tempted to make a pair for myself, I think I would rather tackle something bigger.

 I've had this Fair Isle vest kit waiting patiently for years on the shelf in the sewing room and I think its time has come.

If we do have another winter like this 2013-2014 one, I'm going to need more than just mittens to survive.


  1. Ooh, great pattern. I love all the earthy colours.

  2. Yay for a finished project! The vest is a great knit...the colors are amazing! It will be very therapeutic!

  3. I need to pack away my freshly washed knits too.
    YOur mittens are amazing. i can't wait to see you knit the vest!

  4. They turned out great!
    I've always wanted to make knitted vest, but some how I always end up looking frumpy in vests.

    1. I was just thinking that this may be a fun knit but I'm going to look terrible in it!