Thursday, April 3, 2014

Taking a Tumble

Poor pup has been my constant companion while I struggle through the day trying to meet the needs of a very grumpy old man. When she decided to photobomb the picture I was taking of his tumbler quilt in progress I just had to laugh at that face she's making. All day long she looks at me like "it's time to go home now, right?" She's not very happy in this strange, stinky (he smokes) place. As soon as she settles down for a nap, he does something to aggravate her. He can be a real booger.

I pulled out these pieces after seeing another beautiful tumbler quilt over on the Delighted Hands blog. Daddio hand pieces his and since he's more than out of commission at the moment, I guess I need to add this to my workbasket and see about getting it to a place where it can be finished. I should also mention that the old man took two major tumbles himself today. Thank goodness he has neighbors that can help me get him back up. I've never seen anyone who can flip over a walker like he can. I'm going to have to tie him down.


  1. Oh, my! I am laughing about flipping the walker but it isn't finny-the situation you are in! Sending a hug! The pup is so cute-soon you will be home! The Tumbler blocks are beautiful! It will work up into a quilt just right!

  2. My goodness ….your days are so full. Your pup is getting a more grown up face these days SHe is adorable.!!
    When will we see your pop

  3. Poor pup! Poor you - but the quilt look cheery!