Monday, April 21, 2014

Sunday Funday

Middle Sister Daddy-sat for the whole day and night while I made merry with the family over at Daughter's yesterday. She had a surprise waiting for me. This cute lambie....

 ...and this card. Don't you love it?

 She remembered the jelly beans. I don't have a bit of Easter candy in the house this year and by the fit of my spring clothes, I really don't need it.

 We dyed eggs on her porch.

That was very brave because she just outfitted it with all this beautiful new outdoor furniture.

 It was Grandbaby's first dyeing experience but.... was The Mister and Middle Son who really got into it.

 They turned out beautifully.

 Dinner was the usual.

 Middle Son did most of the veggie work. Daughter did the rest. I brought store bought potato salad and coleslaw.

I think I ate my weight in mayonnaise.

 We also had gluten free matzo ball soup. It was good. Very good. I was surprised.

 Pup, who survived the long car ride to Daughter's, showed off her new trick-begging for food. Not cool.

Number One Son made beer. It was an Irish red and it was tasty. I told him to make me a six pack for Mother's Day. I hope he remembers.

 We surprised The Mister with a belated birthday cake that Daughter-in-Law brought.

Finally we took Grandbaby out to look for eggs. He caught on to the new game very quickly much to our delight. What a sweetie. I can't imagine how we ever got along without him.


  1. I'm so glad you got to spend yesterday with your family. You deserve every precious memory of your grandson's first Easter. I'm also jealous of how the porch looks now, I know where I plan on spending my hot summer days, I just have to stop by and get some of that homemade beer first :)

  2. What a beautiful day! It was good for you to be there, too!

  3. That sounds like a pretty darn good Easter to me!