Thursday, June 13, 2024



All the crawling around and the up and down has really taken a toll on this old body. I woke up at 5 am yesterday and started to clean the house and then said the heck with it. I made myself a cup of tea and a fire and had a nice long sit down on the deck while the rest of the world was still asleep. We've had some unusually cold mornings and I decided to take advantage of it. The mess in the house could wait. 

After taking Pup for a short walk, it was back to the floor. We've got most of the second room done now. Today we should finish it up and start getting the new trim cut and painted.

Yesterday wasn't all miserable. I had a package from blog buddy NYPeaPod who makes the most amazing jams and preserves. I've been too beat for meals so The Mister and I are living off of anything we can pop in the toaster so this was most welcome. 

And....look at this. This has got to be one of the world's smallest puzzles. I'm fascinated by it. I've got quite a collection of some the greatest puzzles ever now thanks to you guys. I can't wait for life to slow down again so I can play with them. There's a spot in my brain that likes to be tickled by things like this. I think it's my old brain trying to tell me something. 
Thanks again, Ruth! It was most generous of you. 


  1. Sitting out by that fire looks so relaxing. I'm not sure I would have gotten back up. But, those jams might have tempted me to come back in. LOL

  2. I'm glad you took a break and also glad you're almost done with the second floor!

  3. A friend loaned me two tiny puzzles in similar tubes recently. They were challenging and fun.

  4. A bit of peace and quiet is just what you needed!

  5. Glad you liked everything and that it arrived right in the nick of time to be eaten:) Loved your morning plan - it so nice to be able to sit down and put your feet up with a cup of tea.

  6. Ohhh - I'm going to have to see if I can find one of those micro puzzles for my niece!

  7. You look so comfortale on the deck. We have a tiny solo stove for camping. It sits on a table top and we really like it. I'm glad you're almost done with the floors, you'll have more time for fun. Very nice gifts from your friend.
    Blessings and hugs,