Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wedding Memories

 Daughter's new MIL is an extraordinary quilter.  She took the squares we had guests sign at the wedding and turned them into this spectacular quilt.

 It is huge. This is the back of what you see in the first picture hanging over the deck rail. I can barely lift it. How she managed to work on it is beyond me.

Just look at those perfect points.

 It has lovely machine quilted swirls that make me giddy with envy.

Everyone was so excited to find their block. This is Daddio's. The only one in the family who didn't sign a square at the wedding was the Mother of the Bride. Yep. Me.


  1. Very pretty quilt and I love how you displayed it in that second photo! Looking up at it with the trees and yellow leaves above it is really cool.