Friday, November 15, 2013

Merino Madness

 I bought three Merino fleeces this year. One has been turned into a blue sweater, one has been put aside and one got a good washing a few days ago. I now have a big bag of stuff that looks like this.

 I've done a lot a research on what to do with a fine wool like Merino and non of it is simple. You have to treat it with care or you get a knotted up mess. Combing with fine combs is recommended but that is so slow.

 Spinning lots of teeny tiny nests is something I don't want to do after spending so much time with those itty bitty blue locks I spun all summer.

 I knew I was being naughty but I tried a bit on the carder to see what would happen.

What I got was unexpected. Instead of a knotty mess, I got a really nice batt. Hmmmm.....I'm wondering if I can pull this off again or at least until I get enough for a project.

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