Thursday, November 14, 2013

No Sense at All

 You've seen this project many times. The last time you saw it, it was longer. It got ripped back because of bumps and puckers again. I think this makes five times-at least.

This last ripping was particularly painful because in the process of cleaning up the winter woollies, I found these. They are my Lillehammer socks and I made them ages ago-before Ravelry and You Tube even existed and long before I would have considered myself in anyway knowledgeable about colorwork. At that time, I didn't even have the sense to know that this was hard.

The deal is that I can NOT find the places in between the three needles that give you the little bumps, puckers and ladders that make your colorwork yucky. They look practically perfect and it is driving me crazy. My pink mittens look terrible in comparison so someone explain to me how I did this way back when and now for the life of me, with every resource available known to man and years more experience, I can't knit like this anymore. It's just not right.


  1. Maybe you were just more relaxed about it? I find that my problem on dpns is that I worry about the gap and so spend ages trying to get the stitches at the right tension, whereas when I just relax and don't think about it, it kinda happens naturally (though still not perfect).

  2. Also, those things ease once the garment has been worn and/or washed. So the older socks may very well have had their share of uglies.....but it all worked out!

  3. You already know I have no idea how to help you,
    but I like the just do it and let it work it's self out philosophy of knitting.