Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Woolly Wednesday

 In my never ending quest to keep Daddio out of trouble, I am always giving him something new to do.

 A few months ago, out of ideas and in desperation, I took him over several  bags of washed and dyed fleece I had no hopes for. I told him to pick them for me with no expectations. What I got back were bags and bags of perfectly picked wool ready for the carder. The old guy has a talent.

 I spent a day on the floor with the carder making rainbows. It looked like technicolor sheep had exploded all over the room.

 I had no plan for the mystery wool.

I just started with white, then added colors, carded, added more colors and carded again. I may or may not be done with these. I can see myself adding even more color and maybe some sparkle.

Before I packed it all away, I also carded a few batts from my new Shetland fleece.

It is the softest, bounciest fleece I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I am in love. I need to go wash more. This is going to be something serious as soon-as I figure out what.


  1. Nice!!! I've been up to the same thing with all that alpaca fleece I just got. Only difference is I don't have a Daddio helper. :-( LOL

  2. So glad you and your father share such a love of fiber arts!

  3. Lovely riot of colours, great fun to just blend things together. Look foward to seeing how they spin up.