Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November Daddio Update

 I am always looking for new things for Daddio to do. He loves to cut up material and I had an empty rigid heddle loom so making a rag rug seemed like a good idea. In no time, he had a box of strips for me.

 I had made a few wool rugs before so I used some leftover cotton for the warp.

 Daddio was still cutting while I was threading.

 Soon we had an assembly line going.

Sewing the strips together was fun....

....but truth be told, I had no idea what I was doing.

We were getting something that kind of looked like a rug and that tickled Daddio to death. He loves to make things that people need. Now he wants to make one for everyone he knows. Goodness, look what I started.
Here is a great tutorial on how to do it the right way. Our next one will be awesome.


  1. Oh how neat! I love the rag rug! What a fun project for you and your Dad. You guys do such cool things together.

  2. YOu are such a good team!! I am always impressed with you and your dad

  3. That's a great project!
    (And thank you for you contribution to the Tux fun! I hope you love your yarn! You picked a good one!)

  4. Wow tell him I need room size.
    I just love that. You do do wonderful stuff together.

  5. I just love your Daddio updates.