Friday, November 1, 2013

So How Was It?

When my kitchen looks like this, I know I've had a good time.

I didn't have high expectations for Halloween this year for lots of reasons but when I started carving  my little home grown Jack O'Lantern I was twelve again.

From then on it was all uphill as I rolled out the doughnuts......

...and roasted the pumpkin seeds while doing the Monster Mash and the Time Warp.

Making doughnuts sends me right back to Mom's kitchen.

The spider she gifted me for this very purpose is precious to me. I treat it with care.

I strayed from Mom's original recipe and took a shortcut and paid the price. They were dry as dust. Even soaking them in a cup of coffee didn't help. Next year it is back to the original recipe. For real.

The popcorn I made in the doughnut oil was good though.

 For dinner it was goblin franks and beans. These are The Mister's meat ones. Mine are vegan. They are not quite as photogenic but they were yummy all the same.

At dark we turned on the pumpin lights and waited in case someone came to the door.

No one did. See what you're missing kids? I give out some good stuff.


  1. There's just something about pumpkin carving isn't there -even if no one shows up, you've got to carve at least one!

  2. Well on the bright side, now you have all those good candies for your selves. :-) Looks like you had plenty of yummy stuff to keep you busy. We live to far out to get any trick or treaters here so we pretty much just treat ourselves too. Nice job of the Jack-o-Lantern btw!!

  3. We celebrated inside too! I carved two tiny pumpkins and roasted the seeds. WE thought they were superior to big pumpkin seeds. BUT you grew your own PUMPKINS. That is soooo fun.
    Can I come over next year?
    We had about 6 trick or treaters in the pouring rain