Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall has Fallen

 We go from green to gold in a matter of minutes around here.

 One day you think that summer will never end and the next day it's time to clean the chimney.

 There is still some green to be seen but the frost is definitely on the pumpkin.

I'd like fall so much better if there wasn't so much raking involved. Saturday we raked Daddio's yard and today we are going to tackle this mess. I keep trying to convince The Mister just to leave them be-but so far it's not working.


  1. Leave removal is a chore isn't it! But at least with the leaves it's just a one time thing.....now the snow.....that's a whole other chore that just keeps on keepin on all winter long. :-/

  2. the little birds here are eating suet and seed like crazy.
    Our leaves are still 1/2 on. Still so beautiful

  3. So pretty! I'm with you - I leave the leaves where they fall.
    It's so pretty around here too - but it ends all too quickly and gets grey and bare!