Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Progress of a Different Kind

 Yesterday I was showing off the progress I had made on all those socks. Today let me show you what's going on with all those sweaters I got the bug to start. First up is White Pine. It has been frogged twice now. I put all the directions in my shorthand and of course I didn't check to see if I had actually understood them correctly before I went full steam ahead on 199 stitches. That'll teach me. I think we have come to an understanding now so it's all good.

 This is how Elizabeth looks now.

 I am in the middle of all the weird sideways shaping stuff and I just discovered that I didn't have the right amount of stitches after casting on for the body-six inches ago. I am going to ignore that fact and adjust accordingly. Wish me luck.

Then there is the Featherweight that finally has both sleeves but is still in need of her front bands. I just finished spinning the singles for them, now they only need plying.

I have this much of the soft-as-a-bunny Merino that I used for the body leftover and I am thinking matching mitts-when I get all this other stuff done-because you know I am going to end up having to spin more for them.

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